The Full Tea Monty

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9 boxes of tea for any time night and day:

1 x Box Victoria Mill – 15 x 37.5g – A beautiful selection of floral elements combine over a backdrop of coppery Rooibos for a delicately sweet blend that will leave you buzzing with excitement.

1 x Box Fruit Burst – 15 x 45g – A vibrant burst of berry fruit flavours and colour, this infusion is a thirst bursting treat.

1 x Box Moroccan Mint – 15 x 37.5g – This is a traditional blend of refreshing Chinese gunpowder Green Tea, with cool and invigorating mint, making it perfect as an after dinner palate cleanser.

1 x Box Lemon & Ginger Р15 x 45g РA lovely herbal blend full of luscious lemon flavour  with a hint of warming Ginger. This naturally caffeine free infusion is pure comfort in a cup

1 x box English Breakfast – 15 x 45g – A winning combination of malty, comforting Assam black tea and bright lively Ceylon Orange Pekoe, which makes for a classic breakfast brew.

1 x box Earl Grey – 15 x 37.5g – An elegant classic made with Ceylon black tea bursting with a zesty citrus and a splash of vibrant yellow petals, a sure winner for any afternoon tea.

1 x box Decaffeinated  Р15 x 37.5g РA refreshing, naturally decaffeinated premium Ceylon Orange Pekoe Black Tea. A proper cup of tea for any time of the day

1 x box of Chamomile Tea – 15 x 22.5g ( Mild and soothing, pure premium Chamomile)

1 x Box of Green Tea – 15 x 37.5g (Smooth and full bodied Green Tea from Yunnan Province in China)


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