Worker Bee Beehive Mill Whole Bean 500g


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Flavour Profile: Heavy, dark and robust. This blend is Designed to punch through large milky drinks. It has an intense roast-y taste, chocolate-like sweetness and a long nutty finish.


3 equal parts of Brazil, Colombia and Central America. – 100% Arabica

Brazil – A naturally processed Brazilian Arabica grown in Minas Gerais. Grown at low altitudes, this coffee has a very mild acidity, creamy body and rich chocolate sweetness.

Honduras and Nicaragua – Fully washed Arabica beans from Central America, grown at a minimum altitude of 1,350 masl. These coffees provide a soft, mellow acidity and balance to the blend.

India – Most Indian coffee is shade-grown and often intercropped with other plants such as cardamom, clove and pepper. This blend contains both natural and washed Robustas. The natural provides body and sweetness to the blend, whilst the washed coffee gives a clean, chocolatey taste to the finish.




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